Masiela Trust Hosts Fundraiser For Ending Violence Against Children 

  • Launches Bonang Bana Half Marathon at the gala dinner
  • CEO of the BSE makes personal donation of P10K
  • Cresta Lodge ups the ante for corporates with P100K




In a bid to raise funds and awareness about the challenges and realities of orphaned children, Masiela Trust Fund (MTF) hosted their annual fund raising gala dinner last week at Cresta Lodge in Gaborone.  Under the theme, “Ending Violence Against Children” Masiela Trust Fund has also embarked on a drive to identify children without birth certificates and get them registered.


“Birth registration is one of the fundamental rights of a child and is requirement for the child’s enjoyment of other human rights and access to essential social services,” the Marketing and Public Relations Officer of MTF, Refilwe Lesolle said.


Sexual exploitation


“These include access to education, healthcare, protection against violence, exploitation and abuse including commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour and harmful traditional practices such as child marriage.”


The aim of MTF’s gala dinner was to take the necessary steps to raise financial aid for the Trust. To that end, the guest speaker Thapelo Tsheole, who is the CEO of the BSE, described the event as testament to the power of collective will and a celebration of shared commitment to the well-being of vulnerable children in local communities.


He highlighted that MTF’s mission aligns with that of the Botswana Stock Exchange where the bourse recognises that corporate responsibility goes beyond the balance sheet.


Moral obligation 


“Supporting such initiatives is not just an option but a moral obligation,” Tsheole said as made a personal donation of P10 000 to the MTF.


“As organisations, we don’t operate in isolation but are an integral part of the communities we serve and our success is related to the well-being of those communities. Our local communities provide us with the human capital and the consumer base that sustains our operations.


“When we invest in the welfare of children, we are investing in the future of our nation. We have a responsibility to ensure that they have access to the opportunities and the support they need to thrive.


Strong support system


“I therefore invite Masiela Trust Fund to visit the BSE to explore some of the opportunities that we can do together so that we play a more critical role in the well-being of the children in this country.”


As donations began to flow, Cresta Lodge stood out with P100 000, and the Managing Director of Cresta Marakanelo, Mokwena Morulane, was on cue to state: “Some people are fortunate as they come from homes with both parents and a strong support system.


“Our people at Masiela wake up each day thinking about that child who doesn’t have anything, and that’s what motivates us as the trustees to ensure we play our part.”


MTF used the occasion to launch “Bonang Bana Half Marathon” featuring legendary athlete Glody Dube, who is the CEO of Golden Door Sports Agency. The half marathon will kick off in July next year.