Mma Motse takes music industry by storm

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  • Song was inspired by old traditional Setswana tales
  • Charmal Gal declares it a hit
  • Video out soon


Afro Jazz artist Motlha Mompe famously known as Motlha in music circles may have given Batswana the biggest song of 2018 dubbed ‘Mma Motse’.
He says his upcoming album scheduled for release on 4thMay at Stanbic Molapo Piazza in Gaborone is a jam-packed album that will take Botswana’s music industry by storm and he will not be a one-hit wonder.
“It is amazing how Mma Motse continues to conquer every day. The song just blew up all by itself but what most people do not know is that it is not even the best song from the upcoming album. Now imagine how other songs will be,” Motlha told Time Out explaining that he chose to release the ‘weak’ song deliberately so that people will be blown away by the new album which he is currently struggling to title “because each song is a hit.”
Mma Motse is Motlha’s first solo single. The song received rave reviews hours after its release on 8th January and continues to grab attention locally and in neighbouring countries. In fact, even Charma Gal- the Mosakaso songstress posted a video of herself singing the song, declaring it a hit.
Explaining the meaning and inspiration behind the soothing Afro song, the talented artist said the single was inspired by old traditional Setswana tales and communicates different narratives, one highlighting the strengths of a woman because she can juggle various chores at the same time. “The song is also a plea by a single man who is ready to settle with a woman and build a home hence the lyrics, ke mala maleele ke lala ke ikhunne, ke runne matsetse mo pelong. Go saletse wena ke batla re itunne, re age motse,” he explained.
For his part Motlha’s manager and producer, Suffocate, said even though the song is big he would like to see its success reflecting on the artist. “The song is currently available for streaming on Youtube. Piracy is still a problem and now we are trying to focus more on bookings and endorsements. The pre-orders of his upcoming 10-track album are a lot which is a relief,” he said.
Motlha was the winner of Btv’s singing competition show, My Star, in 2015 and says the experience contributed to his musical growth. “I used that platform to give Batswana a taste of who Motlha is also displaying my vocal abilities. It indeed worked because now it is not so difficult for them to know who I am as I seriously embark on this musical journey,” he said.
The song’s video, which is being shot by Pixel Films, is expected to be out in a week’s time.