Molapo Day Market proves a success

Such was the allure of the day that as the sun began to repair below the eastern horizon, more people arrived. POTLAKO BOGATSU reports

The Molapo Crossing Day Market felt like a new chapter; a revival, a reawakening of dreams. For many entrepreneurs at the event, this was a good opportunity to show their potential customers what they have been missing during the course of the lockdowns.

The stalls held an array of different goods, from fashion and beauty products manufactured in Botswana to abstract art that mesmerised connoisseurs and casual viewers alike. A particular stall that caught the attention of many people displayed metallic sculptures of sunflowers, bicycles, peacocks and imitations of other things animate and inanimate, thanks to Kenny a self taught sculptor who has been plying his trade since 1994.

The market day provided him with an opportunity to meet new clients since the pandemic closed out international tourists months ago. Kenny says he is grateful that more and more Batswana are buying his artworks to decorate their homes.

Another unique product that attracted considerable attention was an item called Mesoba. This is a vintage style handcrafted utility artifact that is used for storing mainly things of sentimental value such as jewellery, fragrances and photographs, though blankets can also fit in the multi-purpose ‘portmanteau.’ Mesoba is available in any colour that the buyer may want.

A consumer who had just bought some sauces from the Red Table stall was thrilled by Molapo Day Market and grateful that it brought together interesting and diverse businesses that offer a wide range of products, some of them unique. Abstract art filled one stall as the aroma of White Label Fragrances came out of another to fill the air with a welcome redolence of Nora Cosmetics.