Morobosi and Heavy K at Loggerheads

  • Heavy K didn’t show up for gig
  • “Pay back the money”- Event organizers
  • Promoter in breach of contract by not paying within the stipulated days – Heavy K


Revelers were left disappointed on 1st January 2018 when celebrated South African House music star Heavy K did not turn up for his performance slot at 23:30 at Raselwana Farms, Tswapong Hills. The two-day music festival organised by Morobosi Entertainment was accused of breaching contractual obligations by the South African artist, HeavyK.
In a statement, Heavy K acknowledges that he was booked to perform at the gig and the agreement stated clearly the terms of engagement which also stipulate that the promoter should complete payment seven days before the event date. The agreement further stated that failure to do so will result in the artist (Heavy K) not attending the event.
“The promoter in question failed to make the payment on time and on numerous occasions insisted that the payment was done. He later said that South African band Black Motion would be paying the balance and that Heavy K should proceed to perform in Botswana,” part of the statement reads, further stating that they have evidence of payment for the gig being paid on Friday 5th January 2018 and the promoter was in breach of contract by not paying within the stipulated days.
However, promoters of the festival insist that since Heavy K did not turn up for the show he should pay back the money which is speculated to amount to P80 000. They even took to their social media page stating, “Wait for Morobosi hitback cc Heavy K. We paid you and you now owe us.”
Heavy K further said he had 8 booking requests the same day he was booked for  the Morobosi event but his office rejected all 8 requests because he was already committed to Botswana. “The best I can do, even if I don’t have to is to give them a chance of hosting me again on a different date,” he said. He was also accused of choosing an SA gig over the Botswana gig as he was booked on 31st December at the 4th Annual Count Down Music Festival in South Africa.  In his defense Heavy K said he was booked for the 1st of January 2018 in Botswana not 31st December 2017.