Motlha reunites with Roc Lefatshe Records

  • Artist halts the released his new single to mourn Sasa Klaas
  • Stay tuned for this new chapter, says producer


After the announcement that they had parted ways with Motlha Mompe after a three-year partnership early last year, record label Roc Lefatshe last week announced that they had rescinded the decision and are reunited.

Motlha’s breakthrough single, “Mmamotse,” which was one of the biggest tracks in 2018, was recorded at the studio and the feel-good hit catapulted him to stardom.

“Even though we went our separate ways we were still talking and sharing music,” the founder of Roc Lefatshe, award-winning producer, Suffocate, told Time Out. “We parted amicably when he said he wished to go solo and find himself because he was grieving. We met sometime last year and by the end of the year we were working on new music.”

Motlha’s re-union with the stable also came with announcement of his brand new single, “Mannong,” that was halted out of respect to mourn their colleague in the music industry, Sasa Klaas. The new track is a love song about a heart that has found peace and is in its rightful place. The artist too says he is now in the right headspace after his brief hiatus to re-group and that he is optimistic that the new song will top the charts and dominate the airwaves.

“It feels good to be back,” Motlha enthuses about his return to Roc Lefatshe. “I feel happy and free now. I decided to take a break because I was going through a rough patch after the loss of my close brother last year. I can assure everyone that there were no fights when we separated with the stable. I just needed to find myself.”

Suffocate has described Motlha’s new song as what his followers have been waiting for. They retained the artist’s old sound of “Mmamotse” and will not be releasing an album soon because the music landscape is still tough. There isn’t much happening in the industry at present because artists have turned to online music sales where they are creating content for relevance’s sake.

Said the producer: “We are just preparing enough content so that when the industry opens we will be ready. Motlha looks happy and is the same guy I met back then. I am now excited to see how far we can go and what we will produce. We worked hard together, made magic and the chemistry was out of this world. Stay tuned for this new chapter.”