Mpho Sebina celebrates Colors debut


Neo soul artist, Mpho Sebina is celebrating yet another milestone in her music career as she recently made her debut on Colors, a global music platform that showcases diverse and exceptional talent from all around the world . Sebina’s music profile and her recently released ‘Black Butterfly’ music video are now available to an eclectic, world-wide audience to enjoy.
“We are living in an amazing time as artists where the internet opens us up to endless possibilities and audiences. Platforms like these are vital for us in terms of reaching audiences all over the world,” she told Time Out.
The visibly elated “Loves Light” hit maker went on to say that the feature means everything to her as it has always been her lifelong dream. When asked why it was particularly important for her music career she said, “Colors is a global platform with a huge following so it means my music is exposed to all those people! Also, the caliber of artists that are featured there is rather incredible and I’m honored to be featured alongside them. When I saw my profile I was beyond excited and grateful.”
After discovering Colors last year, Sebina religiously followed them and eventually sent a request to be featured on the website. She submitted her biography and music and was soon contacted by a Colors representative. Within a few weeks she claimed her place among the best emerging artists in the world.
“The platform is not genre specific and it is open to everyone. I went for it because I’m a fan of the movement and most importantly its following. After the feature, the views on the Black Butterfly video went up and my online streams also went up significantly,” she revealed.
On the Colors website Sebina who released her debut EP titled “Neo” in October last year introduced herself to world saying, “My music is autobiographical; the stuff I’ve written is self-reflection time for me. As a 28-year-old African woman my music is about the journey to discovering one’s self through this world. I would like to stir up that quest for self, to bring about a healing type of vibe. It’s a lot about overcoming and focusing on the personal stuff. Sometimes we get wrapped in anxiety, myself included. My music is about providing an outlet for listeners to forget.”