“Mpuledise” is a big Tune, but is it securing the Bag?

  • We never made so much on a song,” says SuffocatE
  • The song is the biggest release from Roc Lefatshe


One of the biggest and most heartfelt songs during the gloom brought on by COVID-19, “Mpuledise” by Khoisan, which (group) is made up of Oratile Kofa and Thabang Rasefako, continues to bring comfort with its healing message.

When it was released early this year, the music outfit was hoping the song would help people heal and find peace through a difficult time of loss of loved ones. It lived up to expectations, becoming an instant hit even in neighbouring countries and dominating the charts.

This begged the question of whether the song was measuring up to its success in monetary terms. “We have never made so much sales on a song from our stable,” said the duo’s producer, Suffocate of Roc Lefatshe, in an interview. “It was able to make over 100 000 sales only on iTunes. It remained the number one song for three weeks across all genres in Botswana’s Top 100 songs on iTunes as well as being the most listened to song.

It has more than 500 000 views on Facebook and more than 400 000 views on YouTube. ”
Online music sales have become a beacon of hope for the music sector that is among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Although Suffocate did not divulge how much the hit single has generated, he said it was the biggest selling song from their stable, Roc Lefatshe.

Mpuledise has made history because the record label had never had a song topping the list on Botswana’s Top 100.

Said Suffocate: “The song is everywhere. It is bigger than us, and we are grateful. Songs don’t last in this COVID-19 era, but ‘Mpuledise’ is relevant five months later not only at home but in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia and Zambia.”

The team would be devising marketing strategies and PR to feature the song further on international platforms. “We are grateful for what it is currently bringing in,” said Suffocate. “It’s not too dry. I must add that Khoisan members have diversified to other businesses.”

Written in Setswana, the Afro-fusion song has allowed people to pour out their emotions and express themselves about how much they are scared for their lives. It started off as a tribute to fallen legends but eventually evolved into a tribute to the lost souls. It was produced and engineered by Suffocate and written by Khoisan.