The legendary producer’s personality shines through music


A special concert to celebrate the legacy of legendary music producer and songwriter Presley ‘Prez Beats’ Metshe has been organised for 27 August at Notwane Lifestyle Club. Styled Music is Forever Concert, the event falls on Prez Beats’ birthday, the idea being to give the music heavyweight flowers when he can still smell them.

Organiser Thuto Pheto, famously known as Melo, told Time Out: “A lot of our legends only receive that recognition when they have retired or have passed on. We want to show him his recognition while he is still actively churning out hits.”


Featured artists
The lineup for the concert is inspired by the iconic producer’s most frequent collaborators who are now akin to family for him. Machesa, Eskimos, Scar, Kast, Bouncy, Magosi, Mosako, Orakle, Kgokgonono, K-Bos, Licky, Morwa Tsankana, Lerofo, Frost, Bangu are among the big names of the performers at the special show.
“These are artists who have released some of their biggest hits,” Melo noted.
“He has produced major singles for some he has done their entire albums for others.”


Footprints in the sand
Prez Beats has helped many local artists find their voice and release incredible music. As a producer and songwriter, he has helped to create some of the biggest and most beloved musical releases in the country’s music history. Melo observed that most people who have come across Prez Beats know him as a reserved and quiet individual but his personality shines through his music.

“When we celebrate our music, we often forget that many hands go into its creation,” he said. “The artist is the talent and main draw, but their creative abilities are enhanced and complemented by the producer.”


Fast Facts:
Prez Beats is one of the co-creators of the house kwasa music genre as well of trad-hop, which is a best-of both-worlds genre that blends hip-hop with Setswana instrumentation.
Prez Beats music voyage began as a member of 3rd Mind.

He is the recipient of the 2016 Yarona FM Music Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Honour.
He was a partner at Eric Ramco Records and later co-founded Heartbeat Sounds.