Musicians and radios to benefit from content monitoring tool


Local radio and television stations can now track in real time all local content they broadcast round the clock.
This is now possible thanks to a recently launched service offered by AF STEREO, a franchise owned by former Yarona FM station manager, David Moepeng.
During his presentation at the Local content and Broadcasting workshop held in Gaborone last week, Moepeng demonstrated how the service could produce automated and customized reports according to needs to clients, and could show the number of times a song is played across all stations, something that could benefit royalty payments for musicians.
“Our data does not only enable music royalty distributors to easily calculate payments to individual artists, but gives clarity and transparency to the music royalty payment process as all parties involved can have access to information on how payments are calculated,” he stated.
According to Moepeng, the technology will also benefit marketers and broadcasters with credible independent monitoring systems such as Aircheck “Advertisers use it to keep track of their purchased broadcast airtime and ensure that broadcasters deliver as promised as well as to gain insights of market trends and competitor analysis,” he said. The system can also aid compliance with BOCRA regulatory requirements as it helps with effective monitoring.
“We also anticipate increased inflow of advertising spend from outside Botswana, especially South Africa, from where some marketers have in the past been reluctant to advertise on Botswana radio and television stations because of lack of monitoring and statistical data,” Moepeng added.
The innovative service was first launched in Botswana in May, and is according to Moepeng, expected to aid the highly competitive local business environment with market intelligence data. “We are happy that Botswana finally joins advanced markets in providing innovative technology that will give investors a clear understanding of the market and a peace of mind on the delivery of their media,” he said.
AFSTEREO Botswana will also supply data on market trends in South Africa, which Botswana marketers can benchmark against when developing their strategies. The launch of AFSTEREO Botswana is part of a strategy by AFSTEREO to expand in to Africa after providing the services in South Africa for over 10 years.