“No Beef Between Me and Coming Soon, it’s just business” – Vee Mampeezy


Award winning Kwaito-Kwasa star Odirile “Vee Mampeezy” Sento has allayed fears that he may have fallen out with his long-time dancer, “Coming Soon”, saying he has an understanding with him that he will not always be able to use him in all his events including international ones where it makes business sense to use international dancers.
He downplayed rumours that the dancer was unhappy, saying if he were unhappy, “he would have left, he understands our relationship and he is fine with how it works… plus, he is the only dancer in Botswana who drives a BMW. These days I travel a lot, so imagine the cost I would incur each time I bring my local dancers to all my foreign gigs,” he told Time Out.
The I do hitmaker admits that he would like to see Coming Soon gaining international exposure because he is good at what he does. Vee Mampeezy, however, says while it would be good to give the dancer international exposure, he is currently more concerned with his own exposure. “I am still a growing brand, I still need to fully penetrate the South African market and Africa as a whole. When I have a gig in all different parts of South Africa I engage new dancers each time because its affordable,” he said, explaining that it may not be compatible with his business model to engage the dancer who he has worked with since 2006.
Meanwhile, Vee Mampeezy says he spent R250 000 for the video of his new single “Champion” which was launched last week. The video was shot in South Africa by Uprooted Media. “I am particularly impressed with the quality of this video, it’s an 8K which is top of the range when it comes to video quality. Moreover, Champion has proven to be a hit as I recently sampled it at Phikwe and the crowd loved it,” he said.
Champion features well-known South African celebrities including Somizi Mhlongo, Khuli Chana and Dr Malinga. Another interesting feature in the music video is the use of car brands such as Maserati and Ferrari. Asked about the significance of the brands in the video, Vee Mampeezy was quick to dismiss that he was “throwing any hints” of working with the brands. “I was just trying to show that I started with nothing in this music industry. I grew up seeing those fancy cars on TV and they just show that I have arrived, I am number one, a Champion. The lifestyle portrayed in the video also speaks to you as the viewer that you can start from nothing to something,” he said.