Orange and BGBVC In Fight Against GBV 

  • Orange Foundation and Orange Money launch special fund for the public to contribute to the anti-GBV cause


In a more determined effort to fight the scourge of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Orange Botswana has launched an Orange Money account dedicated to donations from members of the public to support victims of GBV.

The special account, which was launched in Gaborone recently, is a project of the Orange Foundation in partnership with the Botswana Gender Based Violence Prevention and Support Centre (BGBVC)

“As Orange we thought we should leverage on our strength in technology to support GBV initiatives in the communities we serve,” said Orange Botswana Director Legal and Corporate Affairs, Lepata Mafa-Nthomola, at a press briefing.


Somewhere to sleep

“GBV is a major problem in our country as statistics have revealed that more than 67% of people have been victims of violence.

“We decided to play our part in helping by launching the Orange Money account where donations will be made. The fund will directly go towards BGBVC and will ensure that victims have somewhere to sleep, food and something to wear.”

Orange Foundation and BGBVC’s partnership dates back to last year when the telecommunications company donated clothes to BGBVC, which is a crucial player in providing support and shelter to survivors of GBV and plays a vital role in their recovery.

Orange for solidarity 

Over the past months, Mafa-Nthomola has shared that the Orange Foundation has taken several steps to encourage support from its internal staff through key initiatives such as staff-led donation drives and wearing orange on the 25th of each month to symbolise the company’s solidarity in the fight against GBV.

“GBV affects us all and we decided to donate clothes because the victims usually flee the scene with nothing on their backs,” she noted. “This year we decided to open this wallet so that our partners are able to execute their roles of support.”

“The BGBVC fund on Orange Money went live on October 27th 2023, providing a convenient and secure way for the public to contribute to the cause.”

The CEO of BGBVC, Lorato Moalusi, said GBV is a global pandemic and the most prevalent human rights violation. Her organisation plays its part by providing support and care to over 2,000 survivors of GBV through its centres located in Gaborone, Francistown and Gantsi every year.

Shelter for men

“There is a GBV case in Botswana every day and we continue to lose our loved ones,” she said. “This is why we are appreciative of this collaboration with Orange Botswana.

“The majority of survivors we care for are women and children. In 2020, we started to offer shelter to men but we don’t have a permanent shelter for them and always need to book them a guesthouse.”

Through the project, Orange Foundation and Orange Money is inviting the public to stand together against GBV by contributing to the BGBVC fund, thus becoming a part of creating a safer and more inclusive society.



To contribute to the cause, individuals can follow the following steps:

  1. Dial *145# on their mobile phones.
  2. Select Orange Money Transactions and enter their PIN.
  3. Choose Option 4 “Pay.”
  4. Select Option 7 “Donations.”
  5. Choose Option 1 “Orange Foundation.”
  6. Enter their First Name.
  7. Enter their Surname.
  8. Specify the Donation Amount.
  9. Enter PIN for confirmation.