P300K for Miss Supranational Finale in Poland  

  • Reigning Miss Supranational Botswana currently in Poland ahead of grand finale
  • Well-wishers urged to vote for Leah on Miss Supranational page
  • Most wardrobe sponsors secured but additional sponsorship still being sought


In an unprecedented show of support and commitment, the management team of Miss Supranational has invested a staggering P300,000 to ensure the reigning queen, Leah Barobetse, is fully prepared for the Miss Supranational grand finale that is slated for Poland on 6 July 2014.

This significant financial backing underscores the team’s dedication to excellence and belief in Barobetse’s potential to shine on the international stage.

“The trip funds covered visa application trips, plane tickets, wardrobe, accessories, licence fees and her pocket money,” Kaone Moremong of Miss Supranational Botswana told Time Out.

Tourist attractions

“Leah left the country on Sunday and will be in Poland for a month visiting tourist attractions and participating in various activities leading to the Miss Supranational finale.

“While most wardrobe sponsors have been secured, additional sponsorship is still being sought. The Miss Supranational Botswana licence holders, Something Big, are covering most of the expenses.”

Since her crowning as Miss Supranational Botswana early this year, Leah has embarked on a rigorous and transformative journey.

Advocacy work 

Her days are meticulously planned with training, fittings, public appearances and advocacy work, all aimed at preparing the Lentsweletau native for the highly-competitive environment of Miss Supranational.

“Our wardrobe sponsors include FEDE, DioActive, All Things by Precious, Rocka Bonke, Versatile Creations, Abbie Choosen and Cue Apparel, all local outfits,” Moremong noted.

“Other sponsors who assisted in getting her ready are Medi Glow Aesthetics for her skin treatments, The Grand Barbershop for her hair and Perfectionate Aesthetic Laser Spa for her nails, lashes and other beauty care treatments.”

“A Heart Can (Pelo-Bokgoni)”

Beyond the competition’s glamorous aspect, Leah is known to be passionate about her advocacy work. Her chosen cause, “A Heart Can (Pelo-Bokgoni),” is central to her mission at Miss Supranational.

Growing up with a physically disadvantaged relative inspired her to create the initiative that is aimed at raising awareness and reducing stigma for people living with disabilities.

The initiative’s mission is to show that as long as an individual has a heartbeat, they can achieve anything despite physical challenges. It seeks to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to create supportive environments and policies for people with disabilities.


“For her project, we have been engaging with stakeholders that deal directly with people living with disabilities,” Moremong said.

As the grand finale approaches, the anticipation is palpable. Leah’s preparation positions her strongly to make a significant impact at Miss Supranational 2024.

Well-wishers are encouraged to visit the Miss Supranational page to vote, like and share her content as many competition challenges and activities will be conducted via the Miss Supranational website and YouTube channels.