Palesa Molefe is Latest Feature on Mophato’s “Pula”

  • She joins a starstudded array of actors that includes Ntirelang Berman, Kalima Mipata and Gabriel Modise for a show slated for April at Maitisong



Hot on the heels of the return of riveting dance musical ‘Pula’ by Mophato Dance Theatre, organisers of the show have announced celebrated beauty queen and actress Palesa Molefe as one of the latest features in the musical.

Molefe joins Ntirelang Berman, Kalima Mipata and Gabriel Modise for a show slated for the 20th (corporate night), the 21st and the 22nd April at Maitisong Theatre in Gaborone.

“To be a part of an amazing story that illuminates the beauty of our traditions as Batswana is such as honour,” said the former Miss Botswana.

“To the director of the musical, Andrew Kola, I say thank you for trusting me with your vision. Pula has done amazingly in the past. May it soar higher and reach the pinnacle you have set for it. I am excited for everyone to see this.”

Quest to bring rain

In their production of “Pula,” Mophato dancers use an explosive, energetic performance to tell the story of a community’s dependence on rain and its grief when the rain doesn’t come.

In previous performances, an old shaman anoints a young woman to go on a quest to bring the rain.

“In the story of ‘Pula,’ a young woman is given the task of taking over the job as rainmaker, which requires that she set off on an adventurous search for ways to bring rain to her people,” Molefe said.


The play begins during a bad drought when the rains are refusing to come and ‘new age’ rainmakers perform the dance known as ‘Dihosana’ to plead for rain.

The dancing soon reaches fever pitch with the real ritual of asking for rain, whereupon the ‘rains’ come pouring down the stage in the form of sorghum, the staple crop of Botswana.

More dancing follows the sorghum ‘shower’ as the performers enact the story of what happens after the much-awaited rains.

Mophato in collaboration with Maitisong, held auditions for versatile performers to the ensemble for ‘Pula’ the musical earlier this year.

General tickets to the event are selling for P200 at Webtickets outlets.