Reinvigorating Fitness with Moeng’s Burnout Sessions

“Exercise goes with eating clean,” says innovative fitness coach Daniel Moeng who will introduce his brand of wellness aerobics to SA in Krugersdorp next month. THATO CHUMA reports

After more than 18 gruelling months of non-action, outdoor activities are making a gradual comeback. With energy-packed ‘burnout sessions,’ wellness and aerobics events that have been growing in demand steadily since their launch in June, fitness fanatics are not lagging behind.
The sessions take place every Saturday from dawn to mid-morning and have inspired many to get back to their toned for
Since the closure of gym facilities in March last year, Batswana have had to make do with home workouts. However, for well-rounded personal trainer and fitness coach Daniel Moeng, it was time to think differently. “Burnout Sessions was an idea that came to me in the oddest way in the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Moeng says.
“I had thoughts of penetrating the fitness industry with a programme irresistible to the public because not many people know what to eat or how to exercise. So I gave them an affordable package to make them more knowledgeable about simple basics of a healthy lifestyle. The idea couldn’t have come at a better time since we were going through the worst health crisis of the 21st Century.”
Facing his trainees as he commands various routines in an open green field, the sessions – which go with stimulating music and robust cheers – are usually an hour long. It is a sweat fest – a highly beneficial one, Moeng will say. “We have a variety of activities that include cardio box, hi-lo, abdominal workouts, a functional and strength training workout, and many more,” he explains. “We also have a professional chef who provides healthy and scrumptious meals for clients who opt for our full package. I try by all means to educate our patrons on the benefits of eating healthy for long term benefits. Exercise goes with eating clean.”
Reflecting on how he navigated the COVID-19 restrictions and the concomitant disruption of the industry, Moeng says there was slowing down for him because he continued with personalised training for his clients and then to these open sessions. “We started off with just 20 people per session for crowd management and now we take between 20 and 50 people per session since regulations have since been lifted,” he notes. “We aim to give our clients a tailored feel to their workouts and ensure that the space feels accommodating.”
He believes Batswana are becoming more health-conscious and says they are keen to take charge of their holistic wellness. “Batswana value their health more than anything now because the pandemic showed them the importance of doing so,” Moeng asserts. “They have received this event with open arms and their response has been overwhelmingly positive. Keeping fit and healthy is important. It goes back to the saying, ‘Don’t value your health only when illness comes,’” encourages Moeng.
The event will be exported to South Africa on 4 December. “We will be launching in Krugersdrop in the next three weeks at one of the local lodges with motivational speaker and author, Cecilia Balebetse,” says the fitness coach. “We will be hosting at various venues across South Africa in the months to come and we are thrilled about our plans to take this event outside our borders.”