Samantha Mogwe Joins Radio #BerekaMosadi

“Radio is simply an extension of my mandate, just as music is also another extension of my mandate in terms of expression.”


R&B Songstress Samantha Mogwe has been announced as part of Gabz FM’s new line-up. Speaking to Time Out about the move, Mogwe said she, like everyone, responded to an advert by the radio station last year when it announced that it was looking for new radio personalities.
“I tried to ignore it but my husband and sister were adamant that it could be a good opportunity like they suggested to me for years and so I decided to try my luck. I,  however, was obviously petrified that they wouldn’t think I am good enough for this opportunity. I got a call back two months later, and a few others and I began the training process throughout the months of December and January,” she revealed.
Her show, The Night Drive, targets young adults of 25-35 years and addresses among others- policy issues they deal with on a daily basis including the education alternative of home schooling versus the formal schooling systems. The show also deals with social issues like marriage and its related issues. Naturally, as a performing artist, Samantha created a segment in the show where musicians are profiled and perform ‘unplugged’. The segment also creates an opportunity for listeners to interact with artists.
On how radio and music are similar or different, Samantha said they are ‘similar and yet quite different.’ With radio, she said, you are working within guidelines and a culture yet still being allowed to be yourself but minding what you say will be interpreted in many different ways by the listener.
“Not only that, one is required to be aware of current issues in a wide scope, to also have an opinion because you cannot sit on the fence about certain topics. Music also has its perimeters, but mostly perimeters that I have set for myself. Both these experiences have enriched me in different ways. I have found my voice in radio in the sense that what I say matters, whereas in music, some people aren’t focused on my lyrics but on vocal delivery,” she explained.
Quizzed on whether her radio career will not impede her music career, she said as a creative her personal mandate is to make a difference in any platform available. “Radio is simply an extension of my mandate, just as music is also another extension of my mandate in terms of expression. So,none will overtake the other. They are actually quite parallel if you think about it,” Samantha said.