Sasa Klaas, Tlhomamo Diamond to ‘collaborate’ in praise of Beafeater

London and the word’s most awarded gin calls them its most stylish friends over the Summer


Local rapper Sarona Motlhagodi, famously known as Sasa Klaas, and professional makeup artist Tlhomamo Diamond, are wrapping up the year in style after they were recently named brand ambassadors for Beefeater Gin Botswana. Made in the heart of London, Beefeater, which is the world’s most awarded gin, posted that it had found the most stylish friends of the brand to partner with over the summer. “I have always said that artists and public figures must always handle themselves as walking billboards, as walking businesses,” said Sasa Klaas in an interview.

“This means each time you go out your front door, you need to remember that you are a representation of your work and who you are. Being recognized by brands affirms my concept of being a walking billboard. It means a lot to me to be trusted with this brand.”

Diamond sees their role as being more than just taking pretty pictures because a lot of work goes into making sure that significant milestones are achieved for the brand. They create content and online strategies to connect with the target market, in the process creating excitement, visibility and driving relevance for the brand.

Sasa Klaas added: “My work is really not hard. When Beefeater approached me, it only made sense because I genuinely love the brand and it resonates with me.”

Sasa Klaas would like her brand to be seen as playful and African with a bit of foreign elegance, which resonates with the Beefeater brand. She usually turns down brands that she genuinely does not enjoy or that lack compatibility with her. The “MmaMongwato” crooner believes she was chosen because she represents what it means to have the London spirit.

“My style always entails African elements, whether it is in my music or what I wear,” she said. “So I think I was the perfect candidate. It is the perfect match because my favourite colour is pink and Beefeater has the new delicious pink version of the gin. The brand really fits in with who I am and how I would like my brand to be seen, which is playful and African and with a bit of foreign elegance.”

Asked about the duration of their contract, she answered: “We will never know how far the contract goes, but for now this is a campaign that is being run and we will see how far we can push the collaboration. I am hoping that it can be an ongoing relationship because I enjoy working with the team and the brand itself.”