Sereetsi & the Natives for Swedish festival

While in Sweden, Sereetsi will also conduct workshops for music students at Gothenburg’s Harryda School of Arts and Culture.



Folk jazz band Sereetsi & The Natives is scheduled to perform in Sweden’s premier world music festival dubbed the Planeta in Gothenburg.
The festival slated for 2nd to 6th November will be the band’s first ever European performance, and band leader, Tomoletso Sereetsi, says he takes the tour seriously.
“I look at it as the introduction of the native sound on European shores and an opportunity to break into that market,” he said. Planeta World Music Festival brings together artists and dancers from various corners of the globe for a long weekend of concerts, dance performances and workshops.
Sereetsi will also teach and conduct workshops for music students at Gothenburg’s Harryda School of Arts and Culture from 24th October to 6th November 6th 2016.
“I have two products that resonate with the market; my guitar instructional book, The Solo Four String Guitar of Botswana and Sereetsi & The Natives. It’s a great opportunity for cultural exchange and for putting Botswana’s best attributes on the map,” said the Robete and Thaa Kokome hit maker.
On 6th November, Sereetsi will proceed to Stockholm for another performance and workshops. He is due back home on November 13th.
Sereetsi & the Natives, a refreshing definitive reference in the contemporisation of folk music in Botswana has already shared the stage with established music heavyweights like Jonathan Butler, Oliver Mtukudzi, Vusi Mahlasela, Caiphus Semenya, Jazzel Brothers, Letta Mbulu and McCoy Mrubata.
They also collaborated on a recording and stage performance with US jazz band, Anthony Stanco and the Crucial Elements. Their growing international performance credits include Chicago, USA and a historic 10 day tour of South Africa (2016).
Asked why his newly established band manages to have a busy schedule throughout the year Sereetsi simply said, “Quality is a winner any day.”