Seven things corporates should have in their closets

Fashion Extraordinaire Tom Ford has said “Dressing well is a sign of good manners.” I have pondered on this over time and realized that there is some merit to this notion. Practically, majority of people in the work or service spheres are more inclined to give a well-dressed and groomed person the time of day than a person who comes off sloppy in appearance.


We borrow slightly from that notion in this weekend’s editorial which focuses on the seven pieces both corporate sexes should own in their closets. Coming to terms with it, today’s overactive social media participation and the need for an edgy bespoke look transcends to both sexes. We look at the most crucial items ladies and gentlemen should own to be deemed relevant and taken note of.

The Corporate Gentlemen
The dark suit + white crisp shirt – Tried, tested and proven that it looks good on every skin tone, every time. The dark suit resembles what we have always known as corporate and the crisp white shirt speaks volumes to character and personal upkeep.
Suit accessories – individuality and personalization have taken over the corporate sphere in an attempt to portray uniqueness and style whilst contributing immensely in the work place. Pocket squares, tie clips, lapel pins, happy socks and shoes are but a few that make a gentleman stand out from the rest.
The time piece – your day or night outfits will benefit immensely from an elegant watch peeping every now and then from your corporate suit to your weekend cardigan or rolled up shirt.
The everyday bag – to house your laptop to the board pack and an emergency tie or pocket square, the leather bound everyday bag is essential both in practicality and style. With today’s bespoke suits, you cannot afford to have your mobile phone and car keys bulging in your pants pocket, throw them in the bag.
The khaki slacks – What would the Friday corporate shirt be without the khaki slacks and casual shoes or loafers. This will go the extra mile for your Friday sundowners with colleagues; throw in the blazer from earlier in the week over that corporate shirt to conform with HR regulations. Khaki and the navy blazer = timeless classic.
The brown lace up shoe – It is said that women notice shoes. Gone are the days dark suits required dark shoes. The brown lace up or side button up have taken over. This shoe game gives you that edgy look, especially when paired with our earlier suggestion of the dark suit and crisp white shirt. Make sure the belt matches.
The fragrance – a signature fragrance not only depicts you as an individual who is keen on his appearances but also gives the afterthought of your presence to those you left in the room. Pick a muscular scent that isn’t an assault to the nostrils.
The corporate lady
The dark power suit + white shirt – Nothing says “She deserves the corner office” than a dark coloured power suit. This like the gentlemen, screams you take yourself seriously so should everyone else. On special, key days when stakes are high and you are pitted against the gentlemen in the office, it will work wonders. Not only does it show that you are as confident if not more that the gents but also that you have put on the big girl pants and have come out to play.
The hand bag + savvy devices – depending on your confidence, you can opt for a brightly coloured powerful hand bag to a neutral colour blend that will work with majority of your office wear. Equip it with the usual contents but don’t forget a planner, be it an iPad or smartphone to keep you up to speed.
Substitute office pumps– these are essential when you have been up and down the office in your power stilettos. Invest in a pair of pumps or loafers that you can switch to when you settle down during crunch time in your office.
The time piece – like the gentlemen, a worthwhile time piece either in a black, brown or neutral colour band is essential. It ties together your outfit, makes you come off as time conscious and can transcend easily from day to night depending on your evening choices.
An all-weather coat – it acts as a wind breaker and a full on coat for those chilly days you have layers underneath. Once again, a neutral colour to complete majority of clothing items in your closet is strongly advised so you don’t spend unnecessarily in buying assorted colors.
The ultimate lipstick – we strongly advise on knowing which shades work well with you and compliment your skin tone. Be careful the kind you choose for the office and that for your casual outings. We recommend nude colors for the office and your daring hot colours for time outside the work place.
The right hairdo – the corporate world has of late been accommodative of avant-garde hairstyles. Depending on your area of expertise or practice we can caution that you tread carefully. A brightly coloured fringe bob cut would me amiss in our books for a female senior executive. Whilst in the creative industry will show your creative imaginative side, your choice.