Shumba Ratshega dumps ‘makgabe’ for Gospel and God

  • I am now a prophet, to reveal the truth and secrets of God
  • If I were to start singing again, I would sing gospel


In an exclusive interview with Time Out, traditional music star, Moses Malapela popularly known as Shumba Ratshega revealed that he was now a prophet of God and will not be continuing with his traditional music career. Shumba is now a prophet at Heaven Harvest Ministries located at Mogoditshane Block 9, where he says his core business is to reveal the truth and secrets of God to the masses.
“I have now taken heed of God’s calling. My focus is not to preach about the worldly desires but to lead God’s children back to his truth. Moreover, I have stopped making traditional music and if I were to return to music I would now be singing gospel,” said Shumba.
Taking us back to how it began, Shumba said growing up he was always told he had a prophetic calling to serve God. “I was born a prophet, amidst all this I have always known I was a prophet even my parents uttered the same words,” he said. He, however decided to ignore the calling and ventured into his hobbies which he said included traditional music.
“When you are living among people they only see the outer part of you, they don’t really know what is inside you. I alone knew what my heart and soul yearned for and it has always been to be in a church set up and listening to the word of God,” he said further reciting incidents where he would travel outside the country to perform, whilst there he would look for a church to visit so he quenches his soul with the word of God. “Why do you think I have never smoked nor drank alcohol whilst in the showbiz business?” he asked.
After being in the industry for more than 8 years releasing hit songs including makhirikhiri, Dumelang Batswana and Ka kgweetsa Nkuku Shumba said he decided to give in this year and disconnected himself with worldly desires. “The moment I disconnected myself I asked God what he wanted to do with me. They holy spirit took over and I became a prophet. I must however indicate that what you see now is not me but the spirit of God. It has taken over,” he said.
When asked if he has any influence from ECG, leader Shepherd Bushiri as he was once spotted at the church in Pretoria, Shumba said, “I have always been a church going person right here in Botswana and I have visited churches, ECG being among them. What I can tell you is Bushiri is a great man of God and like I said I was born a prophet.” He also disputed the allegations that his move to become a prophet was another way of trying to make ends meet, “I was doing well in my music career by the way, this move is for the glory and instruction by God.”
The  Bobonong native further revealed that since he answered God’s call he is at peace and knows who he is and his purpose in life. “Comparing my life to when I was in the music industry there were struggles and suffering. I now know my purpose which is to serve God and expose his truth”he concluded.