Social Media edits Bonang Matheba’s book

BlackBird Publishers own up for the errors

South African media personality Bonang Matheba launched her highly anticipated book titled from A to B end of last week in a private event at Sandton. In her new book, Queen B talks about her career, an abusive relationship as well as her friendship with Somizi, among other things. However, those who have read her book have been critical of the book highlighting its disappointing bad grammar and typos on social media. It turns out the book’s proofreader did not do a very good job of fact checking as there is an error on her birthday as well as grammar and Matheba is being getting heat for it. Twitter users went as far as taking snaps and screenshots of the book’s pages to expose its shortcomings. On top of that the hashtag #TweetLikeBonang was created to show how Bonang would construct a grammatically wrong tweet or comment.
The publisher of the book, Blackbird Publishers, have however taken full responsibility for its proofing errors. “I take full responsibility for what happened. The last thing I want is for black people to be accused of mediocrity and I should do better. It’s on me as the publisher. I ought to have done better,” Thabiso Mahlape of BlackBird Books told a South African publication.