“Some people watch My Star to destroy and not build it”- Master Dee

  • Kennedy Thal is currently based in Florida, USA and works in the Bahamas
  • Money is not being misused, previous winner received P100 000 not P1 million


Some critics of the Btv talent search show, My Star, are only interested in destroying it than providing constructive feedback.

This is according to the show’s executive director and judge Keabetswe ‘Master Dee’ Sesinyi who says contrary to some suggestions, former winners are doing well and have something to show for their success in My Star.

“People have been asking where former winners of the show are and I have positive feedback. Most of them attended school in Cape Town, graduated and are now employed, proving that My Star is indeed bearing fruits,” he said.

According to Master Dee, former contestant Kennedy Thal is currently based in Florida, USA and works in the Bahamas where he landed gigs to perform in boat cruises. Other winners including Tebogo Tlhagadikgora and Kagiso Mmereki are employed in Cape Town after graduating, including Kitso Selato who currently works in Gaborone.

“I was talking to Kennedy and he was grateful for the opportunity that the show afforded him. You see, this goes to show that My Star goes beyond entertainment as it also educates and creates employment opportunities for these young people,” he said.

Reached for comment 2009 winner, Kitso Selato said the show was the perfect platform for him to boost his music career and opened doors for him.

“My Star doesn’t just end at the grand finale, winners are given scholarships abroad. Botswana has a small population and one cannot survive through music alone. A lot of us have graduated in various fields and working and we owe it to My Star,” he said.

Master Dee also challenged suggestions that My Star has not reflected growth since its inception, a claim critics say led to the show losing its main sponsor. “That is not true. Some people watch the show to destroy rather than critique it constructively so that we improve. If you look at My Star’s first episode and the current episode you will see the difference. There is growth,” he said arguing sponsors would not have funded the show forever: “They also need to help others and when they leave it does not mean they will never come back.”

Regarding allegations of misuse of funds which arose after former winner Ontefetse Osego early this year claimed not to have received all his cash prize, Master dee said “Osego went out there and told people his price money was P1 million when in fact it was P100 000. He was paid his P100 000, no one has ever won P1 million in My Star.”

When asked if the show has added any sentimental value to the music industry since inception, the secretary general of BOMU, Pagson Ntsie said, “Master Dee is trying but the show does not reach its expectations of eleven years. By now, its participants should have won multiple awards, released hit songs or topping charts. Their music by now should be speaking for itself,” he said further adding that a lot is expected from the show more so that it had major sponsors.

Meanwhile, the grand finale of the current My Star season will be held in Gaborone at Boipuso Hall on 7th July 2017.