Spotlight on iZaura designs

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The dynamics of the fashion business was the highlight topic of the day at Brunch with iZaura.


Masa Square Hotel in partnership with renowned fashion designer, Mothusi Lesolle of iZaura recently hosted a brunch session dubbed Brunch with iZaura.
The brunch was geared at creating platforms for dialogue and conversation around the development of local fashion and promotion of entrepreneurial approaches towards seizing opportunities in the markets.
“Brunch with iZaura was an incredible success. This engagement is part of our many efforts to build sustainable relationships with personalities and home grown brands such as iZaura who is not only a powerful personality exuding such professionalism and flair in his work, he is also a valued partner,” said Masa Square Hotel Sales and Marketing manager, Neo Nkele.
General manager of Masa Square Hotel Greg Soutter said when he met Lesolle he realized he was a man who is dedicated to his craft.  “And we are proud to be hosting the iZaura brand. In what he is doing he has the potential to create employment and it is not a far fetched dream for him,” he said.
Lesolle who has been in the fashion industry for about three years now said he had always wanted to have the opportunity to have a solo showcase of his craft since 2013. “When most people look at my work, they think I have been in the industry for more than three years. My brand iZaura is my passion and satisfaction as I left my career to put all my focus here, “he said.
He went on to say the fashion business in Botswana is not as easy as it looks because the Botswana market does not understand industry.  “Most people still don’t understand why they have to pay more for tailor made clothes, and the creativity, time and energy that goes into designing a unique garment,” he said.