TEDx Gaborone conference returns in March

Features 18 speakers from different sectors

Gazette Reporter

TEDxGaborone conference is all about people who are doing amazing work and sharing ideas worth thinking about.
This is according to the conference organizer Gomolemo Lolo Madikgetla who also revealed that this year’s conference will be on 31st March at Maitisong in Gaborone.
“TEDxGaborone present multiple issues and a diversity of voices from many disciplines. After all, what’s fun without a little variety?” Madikgetla says the conference will cover areas such as unemployment, education, poverty eradication innovation, sciences, leadership, activism, identity, music and dance, theatre, food and sport.
It will feature 18 speakers who will be exploring ideas around creating employment, how to reduce and ultimately eradicate poverty in the continent, ideas around how to make education more relevant, exploring issues around identity, ideas around science versus tradition and innovation in the farming space.
The conference will host speakers from Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. “We have Efosa Ojomo from Harvard Business School, Jabu Stone is a successful entrepreneur in the hair products industry, award-winning actor Donald Molosi will be speaking, we have the CEO of EOH Kenneth Molosi, We have award winning singer Samantha Mogwe and other amazing speakers,” Madikgetla said.
TEDxGaborone targets people from all walks of life who have shown willingness to contribute important work.  “We believe that every person who attends TEDxGaborone will somehow raise the average, using ideas at the conference to produce a community that will provoke, amplify and reward excellent work,” she pointed out.
According to Madikgetla, speakers selected this will certainly have new ideas to share. “TEDx is about ideas and we look for people who have unique fresh ideas worth hearing and most importantly worth spreading. Our speakers have stories to tell, ideas to share,” she said.
Commenting on their future plans for the conference, Madikgetla said they were looking at unearthing more stories in Botswana, extending the conference to two days and adding various workshops. “We want to use the conference as a launch pad for ideas worth sharing. We want the conference to be a thought-leadership platform where practical ideas around, for instance unemployment, drought, innovation and activism are born,” she said.