Thata Kenosi pleads for Miss World votes

Tumelo Maunge

With a few days before the grand finale of Miss World 2016, the reigning Miss Botswana Thata Kenosi is pleading for votes for the Miss World Multimedia Award Category.
Kenosi left the country a few days ago for Washington DC, United States of America where the grand finale will be hosted on December 18.
“I am here in Washington DC to conquer the world at Miss World 2016. Remember to download the new Miss World app to vote for me to become the best for the Multimedia Award Category, available on both Play Store and App Store you can officially vote for me on this application. Your vote counts,” said Kenosi.
This voting process can only be done when one downloads and installs the Miss World App. Voting can be done on a daily basis, the digital voting polls will be closed on December 18.
The contestant with the highest votes wins the People’s Choice segment.
Prior to her departure, Kenosi noted that she had gone through some intense grooming from different specialists that range from catwalk to music tutors, “Through the intense training and practice I believe that I am now ready to participate in the grand finale and win the crown. I feel I am ready to be on that stage,” she said.
From what she is sharing on her Facebook account, Kenosi seems to have settled well with her fellow contestants from different countries.


1. Voting Process for Miss Botswana 2016 Using Miss World app:
Go to Google play store/App

Search for Miss World app it is blue.

Download and install the app to your phone

Open the app after downloading it

Once open you will be required to choose 3 contestants of your choice.

Search for three contetstants to vote for.

The voting icon will appear at the bottom, click it and you will have voted.