The creative economy: turning art into wealth

Supermodel to host an art and creative workshop


Supermodel and director of Em Models, Mmina Gaebonwe, will host an Arts and Creative Workshop on the 27th May in Gaborone- to share ideas on how young creatives in Botswana can generate wealth and value from ideas and talents.
Under the theme, “The creative economy, turning art into wealth” visual artists will be given a chance to showcase and sell their art in a silent auction where attendants can purchase the art pieces.
“This year we see different visual artists given the platform to exhibit and given the chance to turn their ideas into products and services that can generate wealth. The artists were required to bring their previous work for consideration and chosen by a team put together by EmIvy Model and Talent Management. There are 13 to 15 selected creatives that are selected to exhibit,” she said
Gaebonwe who is currently globetrotting says the main aim of this year’s exhibition is to take artists and their work to available and thriving markets in the world that is, Paris, London, Milan, New York. She says they want to make the rest of the world aware of the talent and world class standard creatives in Botswana and that there are speakers invited, they will be revealed soon.
“It will allow the creatives in Botswana a chance to compete in a global market. To develop and grow the Creative Economy in Botswana. Young creatives in Botswana will receive a platform to showcase their talents and learn and interact with other creatives in the country. This event will promote Botswana as a successful exporter of cultural goods and services in the world,” she revealed.
Gaebonwe added that the event would increase long-term investment opportunities for the creative industry in Botswana and create a supportive climate for the incubation and development of young talent by internationally recognized talent identification schemes that showcase and promote new designer businesses.
“Arts and Creatives Workshop promotes cultural exchange, job creation. Each attendee is encouraged to make a donation of P50 and above at this year’s workshop. The donations will finance the logistical fees of transporting and packaging art works to be showcased at international stages made by our local artists,” she concluded.