The Original ‘Bak2Skul’ Returns

  • The event was last held in 2016
  • Revamped return to be a two-day affair
  • New Year’s Day for Bak2Skul Fest


After a nine-year absence, the legendary entertainment and lifestyle event known as Bak2Skul will mark its return on the 1st and 2nd of January 2023, Time Out has established.

The event was first on New Year’s Day 2004 but began to peter out as the years went by and the initial enthusiasm waned until 2016 when the last one was held.
“We held our last edition in 2016 and then decided to give it a pause due to many reasons,” said the organiser of the event, Taolo ‘Taes’ Entaile.

Battles behind the scenes
“We had fought a lot of battles that overwhelmed us behind the scenes. We also found that the event was straining us financially, so we decided to give it a pause and re-strategise.”

For the revival edition, the event will be held on two dates – the Bak2Skul Fest on the 1st of January and the Bak2lala PE Open on the 2nd of January. “Every time we host the event, we come up with a fresh slogan for that year,” Entaile explained. “For this year it is ‘Ke 2lala Ngwanaka.’

“We chose the theme Ke 2lala Ngwanaka as an affirmation that this is a tried, tested and trusted brand that there’s no other that can do better. The theme for the upcoming instalment is still fashionable school uniforms and will allow patrons to be creative with their school uniforms.”


Urban culture
According to the organiser, the main aim of the event is more to sell experience than the lineup because the Bak2Skul brand defines urban culture and influences the direction of the music and lifestyle events movement.

“It is a well curated brand that is known and celebrated for unique marketing concepts, trendsetting merchandise, classy branding, music hits and events with a velvet touch,” he said.

“The event has grown over the years, mostly in such a way that it evolved into a tradition, a culture and a movement that reached beyond the borders. The brand Bak2Skul is now revamping as a social entrepreneurship entity.”

However, Entaile noted that the entertainment industry is faced with many challenges, among them lack of financial support from stakeholders in the Botswana’s corporate sector in terms of and lack of willingness among strategic partners to grow the creative industry.

“In addition to an almost nonexistent sponsorship culture, we also have a challenge of good venues.” he said.

The New Year’s Day event will take place at the Ba Isago Campus in Gaborone and will feature artists like Anthem, Frost, Quest, Beetee, Chrispin, 4DD, Lefatshe, Modric, TeddyIsNotADJ, KRM, Bunny and Khebah.

Khuli Chana
International acts will include Toss, MacG (to be confirmed/tbc), Mellow &Sleazy (tbc), Khuli Chana (tbc) and Sdala B N Paige (tbc).

The 2nd of January (Bak2lala PE Open) is scheduled for Game Gity Rooftop Parking Lot where the artists will include Mr O, Oneal, Kellz, Blaze Knight, Romeo, Chopsy, Garvi, and Shaft People.

International acts include KO, Senior Oat, Musa Keys (tbc).