The re-birth of “Maveeta” by Vee

The thirst-quenching product has created a sense of identity with the township demographic and demand is exceptionally good, writes GOSEGO MOTSUMI

W hile most musicians are still grappling with the art of surviving amid the pandemic, kwaito-kwasa star Odirile Vee Mampeezy Sento is breathing life into his bottled water brand, Maveeta.
Vee first introduced the brand back in 2011 but the product soon vanished into thin air until its reemergence early this year. “Back then the demand was too high for us to distribute the product on our own,” he said in an interview. “The Vee Mampeezy brand is big and demand grew instantly. We didn’t have a distribution company then and I have been looking for a proper distribution deal all this time.”
Maveeta, which is a play on kasi lingo ‘levita’ for water and the indefatigable artist’s popular name, was re-introduced to the market recently and is now available in retail stores across the country. The concept of bottled water production is a first for a local artist who is promoting the idea of a healthier nation through hydration.
Vee has also bagged a distribution deal with a company called Kamoso that is helping to meet the demands of Maveeta to its market. “It was a coincidence that this product was launched during these tough times of COVID-19 and I am grateful that everything is working out,” he said. “Batswana have warmed up to the product and we are now introducing more products to the brand line.”
Asked what makes the product stand out, the “Dumalana” crooner said Maveeta is a locally owned and fresh concept that has not been explored by any local artist. While the name “Maveeta” incorporates the artist’s name “Vee,” the product also gives a sense of identity with township folk or kasi demographic that has often been left out.
“Residents of dikasi (low-income townships) have named the product ‘Lerumo la Lenyora,’ which loosely translates to thirst buster, and the demand is exceptionally good,” said Vee. “That is how we stand out and there is potential to introduce more products.”
Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Vee is sticking to his word and will be releasing a new song at the end of this month. Earlier this year, the “Dololo” hitmaker promised to release a new song for his followers every month until the end of the year. “ I am also using my music to add relevance to my product,” he told Time Out. “You will notice that much of the product’s advertising also incorporates my music. I want to keep my musical side alive and relevant through these new releases.”