The real shisanyama joint

Despite Botswana being one of the top beef producing countries in the world, many retailers in Gaborone have failed to maintain proper braai/barbecue facilities, resulting in people driving to city outskirts looking for the best braai’d meat.
Located in suburbs of Extension 10, Ed- La’s Chisanyama has maintained proper chisanyama standards that are attracting hordes of people to come for a bite at the restaurant which now has been dubbed “the only chisanyama joint in town”.
Ed- La’s Chisanyama boasts of various dishes ranging from T- bone, kidneys, gizzards, boerewors that are accompanied by a plate of pap and morogo.
The unique thing about this joint is that, unlike in neighborhood bars where one struggles with braaing, the staff take up all the trouble and serve you in the intoxicating open space atmosphere while you watch soccer on a huge projected screen.
Besides, the restaurant serves pork and fillet which you have with a plate of pap and morogo. A ‘secret’ source whose ingredients the chefs seem to have taken an oath to not disclose is provided along with the meat.
Ed-La’s Chisanyama have decided to stick to the traditional way of braaing meat, using firewood instead of gas stoves and other fancy paraphernalia.
The restaurant’s chilled, feel good Kasi and urbane atmosphere is a magnet for a variety of customers who include a middle class seeming crowd as well as families.On an average Sunday when business is booming Ed- La’s Chisanyama receives up to 500 customers who also include foreigners and local celebrities.
The WI-FI connected joint is also a good working space during the week as it is quiet.