Titose, the lush-voiced R&B Sensation is reaching global audiences

“I sing about romance, introspection and friendship. But you have to think like an entrepreneur,” says the songbird who garnered 100K streams On Apple Music at the speed of greased lightning


Thoughtful lyrics, soothing sounds and a ‘chilled’ vibe are some of the recognisable facets that radiate from the popular music genre of R&B. Although yet a misunderstood genre in Botswana, local artists are finding room in a global audience. One of them is Titose Natasha Macha, whose meteoric rise to fame is undeniable.

She decided on her first name Titose as her stage alias, and it is now a feature on prolific music playlists around the globe. Long before she knew she became a singer, Titose says the way her family embraced pointed her in the direction. “I come from a musical family,” she says. “I sing, my sister and my brother too. A cousin and an uncle are acclaimed musicians. So I grew with music a part of my life. So you could say I always knew that this is what I wanted to do.”

Debuting with “Was it Something I Said,” an eight-track extended play (EP) which is set for official release on 6 November, Titose began putting her music out in 2020. She has garnered over 100 000 streams on Apple Music for her single, “Put you in Line,” and has been listed on two of the platform’s R&B playlists as well as Amazon Music. She is the first Motswana artist based in her native country to partner with online platform, Platoon Music.

Inspired by the modern textures of musicians like Adele, Kelela, Emeli Sande, SZA and Doja Cat, she says her creative process mostly flows when in solitude. “I actually recorded my EP with five different microphones,” Titose says. “I didn’t have equipment as I prefer to work alone. When I got over that hurdle, the process of making it became beautiful. I really enjoyed it. It was challenging but everything eventually came together.”

“I guess this is how it starts then / The same way that it ended / I guess you played your part / Don’t you know your work of art?/ Don’t you know that you are my everything,” she sings on her latest offering, “Forest.” 

Her sultry lyricism carries a refreshing vulnerability. It portrays the sincerity that comes with being a young, impressionable woman learning to navigate the twirls of life and romance. She follows on the emotive path that the genre has evolved into, laced with subtle beat progressions that have minimalist sounds. “In my music, I explore things like romance, introspection and friendship. The different kinds of relationships we have in life can leave you feeling self-doubting and insecure, especially because a lot of the times I wonder if it comes from me. So I write about these anxieties as well as about the good stuff. Friendship is also important to me.”

Titose’s upcoming EP features South African rapper The Big Hash on the track “Best Friends.” Behind her production is the exceptional Amobeatz who has produced for several local musicians. Still considerably a new entrant on the music scene, Titose says she is learning and her view of the industry is changing.  “I think the biggest challenge beyond making a project is realising that your dream isn’t just about the music,” she explains. “There’s the branding, the promotion and other things around being a musician. Taking advice outside the song-making has been interesting. You have to think like an entrepreneur.” 

Regarding her future plans, she says she hopes for more exploration and fulfilling collaborations. “I try not to project far into the future but I want to continue making the music I love,” she says. “I also want to challenge myself as an artist by exploring different sounds and getting into some great collaborations.”

Titose’s music is currently on streaming platforms like Apple Music, Plantoon and Spotify.