UMG open for Botswana artists – MD

Vee endorsed Ban T during their Naomi performance



Managing Director of Universal Music Group(UMG) South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa (English-speaking) Sipho Dlamini said Vee’s persistence, professionalism, determination and hard-work is the reason he got signed by the international recording company.
Dlamini said this at Vee’s ‘I Do album’ launch press conference on Saturday at Stanbic Molapo Piazza. He told reporters that Vee was persistently calling them pursuing them to sign him. He also praised Vee for his talent and professionalism. The UMG crew was here over the weekend and they were taking demos of local artists. Dlamini came to Botswana with an A and R, Marketing and Promotions personnel who were interacting with local artists. Among things that UMG does is recording music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content in the United States and internationally. UGM also provides digital marketing and social media agency services to artists, brands and festivals.
“Vee would call us over and over again. He did not give up. Even when he was engaging us through calls or emails he showed a level of commitment and professionalism…We could not help but to sign him. We open our arms for Botswana artists. UMG is not a South African only brand…it is an international company,” said Dlamini.
For his part, Vee said for one to be signed by international recording companies he should work with international artists that’s why his new album features international stars. Vee said UMG asked who he worked with before and he had no answer. After the pint sized star told reporters about his desire to work with Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platinumz during the press conference, Dlamini told him that UMG has just signed the Number One hitmaker and that Vee’s dream will come true. Diamond, an award winning African musician signed with UMG after turning down a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Record Label this year.
Information reaching this publication is that the award winning Noami hitmaker Ban T might get a deal sooner than expected. The sensational rapper performed Naomi on stage with Vee and the kwaito-kwasa king endorsed him, recommending UMG to sign him. Informants close to Vee told TimeOut  that the kwaito-kwasa star is likely to use his persuasive skills as a business man to get UMG sign Ban T. The source says Vee has so much respect for Ban T.
Answering why local rapper Ozzy F Teddy pulled out of his album launch, Vee told reporters that they could not meet the young rapper’s demands of giving him a technical rider, accommodation and transport. Vee suggested that he and Ozzy amicably decided that he should not turn up if he is not comfortable with his show’s arrangements. Ozzy said in his press release that the deal was one sided. He said the deal came with terms like “no artist on the lineup will be paid as this was a service exchange.” According to the rapper, Vee promised that he will return the favor and perform for free for any artist in case he has an event. Ozzy demanded a written agreement for that deal and was denied it according to his statement.
On why the Congolese sensational dancer Coming Soon did not feature in his I Do video Vee remarked that he has changed taste and style, saying that is what happens when it comes to branding of artists. This is despite Coming Soon performing in most of Vee’s live performances.  Together with Vee’s old dancers, the Congolese dancer put up a sterling performance with his usual acrobatics during Saturday’s album launch.