Vee Mampeezy to release new album

There are no collaborations and album is set to refocus on me- Vee


Metro FM award winner Odirile ‘Vee Mampeezy’ Sento will be releasing a new album dubbed Champion end of July. With this latest offering Vee says the title track, Champion seeks to highlight that he is the best at what he does as well as encouraging others to see themselves as the best.
“This upcoming album is very different from all my released work. It is entirely a dance album that will show how good I have gotten from past experience. It’s a compilation of lessons learnt in South Africa and Botswana’s industry,” he said and confidently added that it was a masterpiece released in time for the awards season.
The ten track album however does not feature any other artist according to Vee because it was a personal project that gave himself a platform to express his talent. “The album is the real definition of Vee Mampeezy and if I included other voices the album would not be able to achieve its purpose of showcasing Vee Mampeezy, The Champion. Collaborations were for previous releases, not this one,” he told Time Out.
On songs to look forward to in the new album, Vee said the title track, Champion was among the hit songs as well as Never Give Up, Holy and Wa Mmona Jeso among others. “With this album I am also preparing for festive season hit songs that my fans can dance to. I am still in the process of rearranging them and everyone can expect a song they can relate to and most importantly dance to this coming festive season,” he said also adding that he was working with Trade Mark and DJ Bino from Selibe Phikwe.
Moreover, Vee admits that album sales have tumbled down and sales are low unlike in the past. He also says he was releasing his new album so the songs can be used as ringtones that can be sold in online platforms. “With my recent trips to South Africa I was learning how the industry works and I found out that there are many streams of making money with your craft when old school methods do not show results,” he added.