Venue change for GIMC Jazz gig

Plans were underway to host the next Gaborone International Music and Culture (GIMC) Week at Duma Grounds in Gaborone North but a venue change has been communicated by the organisers. After consulting with the GIMC logistics team, the police, residents of Gaborone North and venue owners, it was concluded to move the gig that is slated for Saturday 31 August 2019 to Jamali Stadium in Tlokweng.

“There were some residents of Gaborone North who expressed discomfort with a big music festival being held there because of past experiences,” said event organizer Fish Pabalinga. “The parking space that was available in the past is taken up by ongoing construction, further reducing allocated parking space. The new Jamali Stadium has ample underground parking, an excellent perimetre wall for security, cool shade and an acoustics system that will contain sound.

“As management of GIMC, we go out of our way to ensure that our patrons get value for money and enjoy every moment of our eight shows within the week. Whenever we see that our patrons’ experience may be compromised, we intervene to remedy the situation immediately. We believe the venue change is for the better and will provide an improved experience for all.”
The 6th edition of GIMC jazz festival is set to commence at 2pm until late at the new venue.