Zenzele Hirschfeld recognises Women of Works

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Stiger Sola’s sister honored as a woman of works


With more than 16 years of creative industry experience under her belt, president of BEPA and promoter, Zenzele Hirschfeld launched her personal project “Women of Works (WOW)” last week at Chez Nicholas in Gaborone. The movement aims to bring together artists to renew support for women and girls in the creative arts. It also fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship by emphasizing professionalism and recognizing the industry as a sustainable economic diversification benefit.
“I have had this vision for three years without getting any sponsors until Yarona FM’s station manager, who is a female decided to hop on board and others followed. I am here to inspire women who have given up, women who think it is not possible, those who feel that they are tired because they have been doing it and not winning. I would like to say it is possible when you believe in your craft. You will eventually become a woman of works and be able to surpass what comes your way and set trends,” said the founder of WOW, Hirschfeld.
She went on to reveal that women in the creative industry are equally capable and for the longest time they have been sidelined. “They forget that they listen to our songs and poems. With this movement I want to tag along each and every woman who believes they are a woman of works because I can not do it on my own,” she opined.
Hirschfeld also paid tribute to legendary guitar player Stiger Sola’s sister, Mayoress Mochankana who won a South African Music Award (SAMA) in 1999, has 10 albums, 10 trophies and 35 years in the music industry. “I recognise her as a woman of works. You have inspired many and you have struggled but your time has arrived to be recognised as a woman of works,” she added.
Speaking at the launch, the assistant minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Phillip Makgalemele said patriarchy remained a defining feature of our society and that the government needs to intensify and hasten its efforts to advance meaningful gender equality in the creative arts industry. He said this was a moment to ensure that women in the arts are equally able to occupy positions of their own for sustainable growth that driven by high levels of creative works.
“It is clear that Women of Works Will create pathways for creative women as many of them do not have the skills, access to networks or even basic exposure to the work environment. To empower a woman is to empower a nation. We will be closely monitoring its growth as well as the outcomes, to ensure that we unlock the economic potential of women across the country,” Makgalemele said.
Ambassador of WOW, Philadelphia Motladiile added that the initiative was for outstanding women in the creative industries who have made an impact in society and other spaces. “With the assistant minister here and stakeholders, this is a great opportunity to boldly ask all to support the women in creative industries, especially the ministry where funds are put aside for this purpose every year,” she said.