Zeus To Drop First NFT Project


We have all heard of the struggling artist narrative. The creative individual who is exceptionally talented, but is unable to make a decent living off of their work. This is especially true for musicians. In the world of music, artists usually have two options: Enter a deal where the record label holds the majority of the leverage and reap the lionshare of the profit. Or they can stay independent and use streaming platforms. While they can keep the majority of the profit, recent reports have shown only the top 1% of artists receive 90% of the streams. Meaning the majority of artists are not seeing the huge payoff of their music. This bleak reality is being dismantled by a new wave of technology, known as the non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

An NFT is simply a digital token that represents ownership of an asset. The most known uses have been digital artwork; however, musicians have been able to use NFTs to distribute their music, build a community, and find new ways to profit. In the United States, many musicians and artists are making upwards of six figures and more from their art, finally reaching a point where their talents can sustain their livelihood. The key way they do this is through royalties. NFTs have a feature called a smart contract, which is just computer code that tells the NFT to give the creator (the musician) a certain percentage of all subsequent resales.

This means, the creative is able to monetize from their work in perpetuity. This is an amazing feature that independent artists such as Zeus Deuce are looking to benefit from. Zeus is an artist from Botswana who has been in the music industry for over a decade. He has an extensive catalog of music and has experience with both sides of the spectrum. Working with major record labels and working as an independent artist.

He is looking to use NFTs to distribute his music, and build a community with his fanbase. Zeus is partnering with RE:LINK to make this vision a reality. RE:LINK is a technology company that focuses on helping creatives and entrepreneurs use NFTs and other blockchain technology to create digital and IRL (In Real Life) experiences. Their platform “The Timbucktoo” is a marketplace where creatives can upload their NFT projects with a twist. Through The Timbucktoo, NFT project creators are able to pair their NFTs with Physical Products so that the NFT acts more as a Certificate of Authenticity.

On September 30th, Zeus will be dropping the Kotsi NFT. This NFT will grant access to his latest hit single along with many other benefits, such as free merch and the ability to be featured in a music video. Only 100 NFTs will be available making this a rare NFT to hold.
Zeus is looking to commemorate Botswana’s independence day by producing the nation’s first ever music NFT. By using this technology, Zeus hopes to be the catalyst where a new generation of musicians, artists, and creatives can use innovative technology to elevate their brands and make an impact for their fanbases.