Burrows hopeful of signing a permanent deal with a Maltese team

Basketball star Churchill Burrows believes he had successful trials at Malta where he was playing for Hibernians in the Second Division of the country’s basketball league. Burrows joined the Maltese team in February on a trial basis and has helped the team gain promotion to the First Division.

The lanky shooting guard told Gazette Sport  from Malta last week that he is happy with his performances and hopes to sign a permanent deal with Hibernians(also known as Hibs). He has been a regular starter in the Maletese club’s games since his arrival two months ago, his trials will end on April 28.

“When I came here it was made clear that I have to help the team win the league cup and have the club promoted to the top divisions. I have done that and it’s time to negotiate a new arrangement looking at my performance for the team and for next year in a higher division,” said Burrows.

The former Dolphins captain added that playing regularly and winning cups is not enough to impress Hibernians. He said he should also be committed to extra training and have a professional attitude outside the court.

Even though he is worried that he might be limited by the foreigner rules of Maltese basketball, he still believes he will sign because  “you do not bring a guy over to play and not use him.”
Burrows also revealed that some teams in the First Division have also approached him, but he is in no rush to make a decision. His team was promoted to the upper division after winning the Second Division play-offs against rivals Mellieħa in a 5-series final.

A fortnight ago, Hibs won the last and deciding series 60-40 and Burrows contributed fairly in the game. Burrows was also part of the two consecutive wins in the first two series. Burrows is the first basketball player to win a league medal and a cup outside Botswana.
The sharp shooter’s basketball future is in the hands of Hibs’ technical team as they have to decide whether or not to keep him after a successful two-month stint. He intends to stay in the Malta Basketball Association(MBA) and said he will consider any better offer that comes his way as many scouts were impressed by his performance during his last two games.
Burrows has had stints in Zimbabwe, United States of America (USA) and had two trial stints in the Angola league which is one of the best in Africa.