A Breath of Samantha’s “Oxygen”

The latest offering from music songbird Samantha Mogwe is a brand new song titled “Oxygen” that features vocalist Jordan Moozy.
Oxygen, which will premiere on Thursday this week, is a fusion of various cultures of Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe with elements of neo-soul and Afro-beat. This song was written by Samantha Mogwe and Jordan Moozy and arranged and produced by KD Bangers.
Samantha and Jordan have wanted to collaborate for years during which they recorded some material not yet unwrapped before they finally chose to release Oxygen.

Oxygen explained
The song looks at a sense of wonder and lustre, a magical atmosphere that makes listeners feel the goodness of some sort lurking in the air. It’s a feel-good song that allows people to keep pushing forward, despite not seeing the fruits of their labour yet. Said Samantha: “It looks at focusing on wanting to soar, to inspire, to be exactly who you are meant to be and knowing that it is a powerful place to be in.”

About Samantha Mogwe
Samantha Mogwe is a singer/songwriter who fuses elements of neo-soul and RnB in her craft. Born and raised in Botswana but often crossing into Zambia, where her mother is from, she embodies the spirit of using music as a tool to touch people across any divide.
She has had the pleasure of being on the stage across Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sweden. She has shared the stage with well-known artists like Anthony Hamilton, Zonke, Lira, Joe Thomas, Kenny Latimore, Micasa, and Hugh Masekela.
Samantha is a multifaceted artist, as well as a wife, a mother, a radio presenter, a voice coach, a businesswoman and a fitness enthusiast. She has won multiple awards, including YAMAs and a BOMU, and has been nominated for the AFRIMAs (Texas) and ZICOMO (Zambia), showing her ability to capture the hearts of different audiences.
Samantha believes in and continues to encourage the Africa-rooted culture of collaborating.