Alleged Killer Cop granted bail

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Chedza Mmolawa

On the 10th of December 2018, a police officer, Molemisi Ikalafeng at Tatitown Police allegedly accidentally shot and killed an eight year old boy in Tati Siding Village just outside Francistown. The officer appeared before Francistown Magistrate Lesego Astadt seeking bail to be released from prison where he was remanded. Magistrate Astadt granted the police officer bail on condition that he does a interfere with police investigations. Unlike many bail conditions most suspected criminals are normally given, the officer’s bail conditions was a slap on the wrist as he was asked to sign in his own recognition. He was also kindly asked not to commit any offences while on bail and again unlike many murder bail conditions, no sureties were needed for the officer to be granted bail.

Speaking on behalf of the state, prosecutor Gaamangwe Kebinakgabo, said investigations on the case were complete. “Investigations are complete and the docket will be ferried to Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for further assessment of evidence and so that a way forward may be forged,” he said.

Since the incident, rumours around Francistown have been that the police officer shot the young boy because of personal vendetta with the boy’s family. The incident reportedly took place while the officer was on duty in Tati Siding and it happened while the officer was visiting some people where the boy resided. Preliminary investigations showed that the bullet was accidentally discharged from the gun and in the process killed the child. Upon arrest police Public Relations Officer Near Bagali had said a determination of action that could be taken against the officer would be made after police investigations have been completed.

According to the BPS, the police officer was officially authorized to carry a gun. However, those who were present at the scene on that fateful day argue that the officer was reckless and handled the gun sloppily and that resulted in the untimely demise of the young life. Ikalafeng is expected to appear again in court on the 24th of January for status report.