Andy Boatile clashes with “nonentity” Bruce Nkgakile

“He ordered me to stop honouring invitations from any youth structure or branch committee in the BDP because he is aware of my hidden agenda to topple him” Nkgakile


BDP Youth Wing Chairperson Andy Boatile is said to be involved in a cloak and dagger attempt to get Bruce Nkgakile banned from the party due to the fear that he could topp him at the party’s youth congress next year.
The Botswana Gazette understands that in a letter handed to the BDP Central Committee Secretary General Botsalo Ntuane, Nkgakile expressed the view that Boatile is insecure about his intentions to challenge him for youth wing top post in February 2017.
Nkgakile confirmed the complaint letter but refused to delve into the details, stating that the issue will be handled at Central Committee level. In the letter, Nkgakile claims that lately, he has been receiving invitations to BDP youth structures, asking him to facilitated business empowerment workshops. This invitations, he said, came after he facilitated a workshop in his constituency which saw 10 youths securing funding following his mentorship as a business man..
Nkgakile says trouble started after he received one such invitation from the BDP Bobonong branch. Boatile, he says, warned him to stop the workshop, saying Bobonong MP and Defense Minister Shaw Kgathi was against him honoring the invitation without his (Kgathi)’s approval.
“Further, Mr Boatile threatened to ban me from the party or constituencies as he has the power to do so; as he charged at me he ordered me to stop honoring invitations from any youth structure or branch committee  in the BDP because he is aware of my hidden agenda to topple him from his seat. He threatened that HE (President Ian Khama) will teach me how things work in the BDP if I do not listen to him (Boatile),” said Nkgakile in the letter.
Nkgakile stated that Boatile’s threat was “a big devastation” on the voluntary work that he has done for the party in an effort to assist young and old people to access policies of the BDP led government. The young BDP Youth Wing Chair aspirant said he sold the idea of empowering the youth to Boatile who rejected it on the basis that he was aware of  his (Nkgakile’s) ambitions.
In his response, Boatile said Nkgakile held youth workshops using the party name without consulting him as the BDP Youth Wing Chairperson. “I warned the young man that if he continues I will take action against him. He should follow the party procedures. It seems he does not understand the party structures,” he said.
Boatile however claimed that the central committee had not yet received Nkgakile’s letter, concluding that he had more serious issues to deal with and would not waste time with  a “nonentity” like Nkgakile who is clueless about how things are done in the BDP. Kgathi and Ntuane did not pick calls from The Botswana Gazette when it attempted to inquire further on the matter.