Anti-gay Anderson strikes again

  • Anyone who says  men should sleep with other men is crazy-Anderson
  • Says sodomites, homosexuals and atheists   have taken over while  preachers are afraid to speak hard against sin
  • Says Botswana’s biggest sin is drunkenness


Controversial American pastor Steven Anderson says sodomites, homosexuals and atheists have taken over the world while preachers are fearful to preach hard against sin.
Giving a sermon at his newly established Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tlokweng this past weekend, the homophobic pastor said sinning had become worse over the years. “Morality in America has gone down the toilet; sin has gotten worse over the years – the wickedness, perversion, sodomy and homosexuality has gotten to an unbelievable rate,” he said, stating that the situation was perpetuated by the fact that preachers were afraid to speak out.
“Because of  fear , our countries like United States and Botswana are  going crazy…anybody   who says a man should  sleep with another  man and get married is crazy,” he said to approval of the attending hordes.
The church leader who was last week denied entry into South Africa,  said unlike  preachers  who are afraid to rub people the wrong way through their truthful preaching,   he and his church were not about that.  “Garret (the missionary who will be heading the Botswana church) is going to preach the word of God as is. This he will do unfiltered and without any censorship,” he warned, maintaining that they were aware that there would be opposition to their mission.
Meanwhile, pastor Anderson said Botswana’s biggest sin was drunkenness, a state he said  he could not comprehend as there were many churches in the country. “I have only been in Botswana for a few days, but everywhere I go people are drinking alcohol and there are bottles of alcohol everywhere,” he said.
He said he suspected that the reason why churches do not speak out against alcoholism is that “they were afraid to offend some people when they preach against alcohol. Such kind of pastors do not love you, they are self centered people who only love the money given out by the people. They do not want to offend anyone because they want to continue getting the money. That is wicked! ” he lashed out.
Anderson, the leader of the Arizona based church who came earlier than his scheduled date of 25th  September 2016,   has been accused of hate speech on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community worldwide.  He has been quoted to saying “Homosexuality is an abomination punishable by the death penalty.”
He was  reported  to have celebrated the homophobic massacre of 49  people in Orlando, Florida USA in April this year and was quoted saying the killings meant that  “There’s 50 less paedophiles in this world,” comments which caused outcry in the LGBTI community and human rights activists.
The LGBTI community in Botswana tried in vain to have him denied entry into the country.  According to them, his views on homosexuality incited hatred, discrimination and violence contrary to Sections   92, 94 and 96 of the Penal Code.