BAC expels lecturer for selling marks for sex

  • Doggy-style gets 95 % marks
  • Missionary sex style gets 50% marks
  • The lecturer had the same reputation in SA


The Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) management has moved swiftly and expelled a lecturer accused of demanding sex from his female students in exchange for favourable marks. According to information received from BAC, the lecturer (name known to this publication) was dismissed from work after investigations showed he was giving students marks that were not commensurate with their academic performance. ‘‘The students ended up confessing the sex for marks exchange and before that, the expression ‘doggy-style’ was already common in the corridors of the university,” a source revealed.
Colleagues at BAC blamed the college’s poor recruitment process which they said lacks adequate background checks on potential employees. This, they indicated, was evident in that BAC hired the lecturer even though he had a similar case at a South African university where he was fired under similar circumstances.
BAC Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Mpho Victoria Mokgosi was evasive in her response to our inquiries as she couldn’t deny or confirm the allegations but chose to lecture this publication on the process of marking students’ coursework. ‘‘The process is such that students’ assignments and examinations go through three stages of marking where they are first marked by a BAC lecturer, marked by internal and external moderators and finally marked by lecturers at the partner universities in the United Kingdom,” Mokgosi explained in her response to questions which sought to establish whether it was true or false that a lecturer had been expelled for exchanging marks for sex. She pointed out that due to the rigorous checks and balances process, BAC lecturers ‘‘have minimal influence’’ on the overall pass mark of students.
Efforts to contact the affected lecturer were futile as his last known phone number did not go through since last week Friday.