BCP Aims To Raise P100m For 2024 Elections

  • Over 200k members expected to contribute
  • BCP may strike out on its own


The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) is hoping to raise more than P100 million in donations as it prepares for the 2024 general elections, The Gazette has established. Although BCP president Dumelang Saleshando seemed reluctant to discuss details, this publication is informed that the party aims to raise more than P100 million from its members who tally more than 200 000 countrywide.

Saleshando is reported to have launched this fundraising campaign in his Maun West constituency last weekend. In simplified form the ambitious plan aspires to see members making daily contributions of P1.00 each daily from the date to be confirmed to the time of the next general elections.

A Pula a day
“P1 x 200 000 every day will give us P200 000,” said a source. “P200 000 x 7 days will equal P1.4 million in a week and P1.4m in 4 months should give us around P67 million annually.” So far Saleshando has only been tacit about this. “The party raises funds from members and supporters all the time,” he said curtly in an interview.

It is understood that BCP leaders believe that this is feasible and even make the party a more serious threat to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

This comes as the rift between the BCP and the Umbrella for Democratic Change, with reliable sources saying it is becoming more unlikely that the BCP will be in the coalition for the 2024 elections. BCP Saleshando and BCP secretary general Goretetse Kekgonegile remain suspended from the UDC.

The BCP is expected to make a decision regarding whether to return to the UDC fold or strike out on its own in the next four months.