BCP councillor fined for poaching guinea fowl

The Botswana Congress Party councillor for Mokobeng,Joseph Molamu, was last Thursday fi ned by the Martin’s Drift police for poaching guinea fowl along the Sherwood road; he was released after paying a fine. According to the station commander,Superintendent Gaokganelwe Rannyena, the police received a tip-off and immediately intercepted Molamu, who was charged with hunting without a licence after the police found him in possession of four guinea fowl.



Molamu pleaded guilty and was fined P1,000. Molamu confirmed to The Gazette that he had admitted guilt to poaching four guinea fowl and had paid a fine of P1,000.He revealed that he had spent last Thursday night in police custody and claimed that he possesses a hunting licence, which he had left at home some 15 kilometres from where he was arrested. The BCP secretary general, Kesitegile Gobotswang,confirmed the incident.“The councillor told me that he was hunting guinea fowl, for which he has a hunting licence which he had left at home. That on its own was a breach of the law; he was supposed to carry the licence on his person when going hunting,” Gobotswang said. Gobotswang urged political leaders to be extra cautious in observing the law because the elections are looming and people arewatching their behaviour.