BDP elders council won’t give up

Magang says they have not given up on Khama -Masisi conflict


The deputy Chairperson of the Botswana Democratic Party council of elders, David Magang says they have not given up on their mediation work to normalize relations between the president Mokgweetsi Masisi and his predecessor, Ian Khama.
The mandate of the Council is to investigate, arbitrate and reconcile differences and disputes where necessary within party structures and among members.
The council is concerned that the duo are bringing the party and government into disrepute. When asked on their progress this week, Magang said, “It is a work in progress.” He said they are yet to meet the president Mokgweetsi Masisi to sit down with him on the way forward.
“He is the one who tasked us to do this and we are yet to meet him. So far what the nation has to know is that we haven’t given up and we will not,” he said, further adding that it was still too early to make comments on other issues.
Meanwhile Khama and Masisi are still at each other’s throats even after the intervention by the elders. Since the commencement of the mediation process the two statesman have not loosened their stance.
Khama has continued with his outcry for help while Masisi through his permanent secretary, Carter Morupisi continuously asserting his authority.
Experts say the delicate mediation process by the elders was still born given the prevailing circumstances. A highly-placed source said Khama considers some key members of the elders council to be his longtime rivals who have not made any efforts to hide their dislike for him and his leadership-style in the past.
The source said one of the key issues that has harm-strung the council is the concern by some that they cannot be reporting to Masisi as an interested party.
The general membership and party die hards are already uncomfortable with the unending dispute which is unraveling on the eve of general elections.
The BDP council of elders include party veterans such as former president Festus Mogae, former minister David Magang, former Parliament Speaker Patrick Balopi, former minister Dr Gaesitwe Chiepe, and former vice president Ponatshego Kedikilwe among others.
The elders have already spoken to Khama and it is said that he has asked them to point to him the wrongs he has committed. Many political observers are watching, with keen interest, how the dispute will end and through what type of intervention by those tasked with the responsibility.