BDP gives Moselewapula a week to reach compromise


FRANCISTOWN: Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has given Moselewapula ward primary elections hopefuls a week to reach a compromise and have a consensus candidate.
This is after all the eight primary elections hopefuls stood firm over their candidacy when requested to compromise and have only one candidate. In fact, all the primary elections hopefuls according to insiders who attended the weekend consultative meeting addressed by the party Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Shaw Kgathi are adamant that the candidate for the ward that fell vacant following the demise of Lechedzani Modenga should be determined by an election process.
“Kgathi said the hopefuls should reach a compromise as the party history shows that the consensus candidate easily wins elections as opposed to those determined by primary elections. Having a consensus candidate according to Kgathi will avert conflicts that always come with the outcome of the results. He is of the view that having a consensus candidate will benefit the party in terms of preparations of elections. He even tried to convince them that election process is expensive therefore those who are financially challenged should consider pulling out but no one was willing to accept the call,” revealed an insider, stating that those interested in contesting were given a week to consider compromise.
Insiders however say aspiring candidates feel that the compromise arrangement is undemocratic.
BDP Regional Chairman Baemedi Medupi confirmed the consultative meeting whose primary mandate was to officially inform ward members about the death of Modenga. He said even though some stood up when Kgathi asked those interesting in running to show themselves, there are rules to be followed.
“Currently we cannot say that we have candidates because the party has not yet sanctioned the elections. Anyone who has not passed through rules and regulations of primary elections cannot be declared a candidate, therefore, all those who stood up during the meeting are not candidates because the party has not yet sanctioned the elections,” explained Medupi.