BDP to split in Molepolole South

  • Shima Monageng considers contesting October general elections
  • AP courts Monageng and other Bulela Ditswe losers


Despite last year’s attempted reconciliation within the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), between its two warring factions of the party in Molepolole South, the ruling party is headed for a major split in the constituency as primary elections loser Shima Monageng is expected to contest in this year’s general elections under a different ticket.

The Kabo Morwaeng led team won the party primaries against Monageng last year. Monaganeg challenged the results by launching an appeal, arguing that Morwaeng may have tampered with the election process due to his position in the Political Election Committee (PEEC), which is tasked with preparing and organizing elections. Monageng has been informed that his appeal was unsuccessful because he failed to communicate to the returning officer that he did not accept the results within the stipulated period after the election results were announced.

Monageng told The Botswana Gazette this week that he has received persistent overtures from the leadership of the Alliance for Progressive to contest under the AP ticket in the 2019 elections.

“Yes, I have been approached by a lot of people, requesting that I contest in the upcoming general election. I have not taken a decision yet, I am still in consultation with all relevant structures, and I will not give my answer at this point,” said Monaganeg.

“In the last four months, I have had several engagements with the leadership of AP, just a week ago they visited me again , and this time with a plea that people in the constituency have sent them to convince me to stand in the 2019 election under the AP ticket. I respect the people in my constituency and their wish, but I will make a decision in the near future.”

Monageng further added that since his Bulela Ditswe loss, there has never been any engagement from the BDP, and he and Morwaeng remain at odds.

“For now I still remain a BDP member in good standing, if anything changes in the near future I will inform them by writing. But one thing people need to understand is that political parties do not own our lives, and even the decisions we take, we take them in respect of the people we represent.”

Monageng further revealed that he will hold meetings with the constituency’s current MP Tlamelo Mmatli as to how best they can assist in improving the lives of Bakwena living in Molepolole South.

For his part Morwaeng said he was unaware of the developments, but directed this publication to the party’s Secretary General Mpho Balopi’s whose mobile lines were unavailable on Monday afternoon.

The BDP has been rocked by infighting and division since the former party president, Ian Khama sought to influence the party politics to his advantage.