BDP Won’t Entertain Dow’s Complaints – Kentse

  • Domkrag spokesman says Dow never complained to the BDP 
  • Dow speaks of a new culture of “devious, mischievous and devilish” behaviour in the BDP 
  • Labels party MPs cowards who prefer to look away in the face of this unprecedented culture


The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) will not respond or entertain allegations of harassment and intimidation of Dr Unity Dow that the Speciallly Elected Member of Parliament (SEMP) makes in a voice recording that is currently circulating on social media because she has never raised her complaints procedurally, BDP spokesman, Kagelelo Kentse, has said.

In the voice recording in question – Dow who is a candidate to become the next the Deputy Secretary General (DSG) of the BDP – lashes out at the party for alleged intimidation and harassment of her because of her candidacy.

As camps are divided into factions ahead of the BDP congress in Tsabong, Dow is in the lobby group headed by Nonofo Molefhi, who is running to become the next Chairman of the ruling party. She will face off with the incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Lemogang Kwape, who is in the Slumber Tsogwane camp.

In her voice recording, Dow refers to MPs of the BDP as cowards who are cowering in the face of unprecedented harassment and intimidation ahead of the upcoming elective congress. She says MPs of the BDP are looking away and pretending that they do not see what is going on

“The only sin I have committed is standing for elections,” she says. “This never happened during the 11th Parliament. Who amongst us brought this new level of devious, mischievous and devilish behaviour?”

“I know you are all cowards because you are going to look away and pretend you are not seeing or hearing this intimidation. You are going to whisper by the corners. I am going to Tsabong to stand for elections unless somebody kills me between now and then or somebody plants money or motokwane (marijuana) in my car.”

In reaction to Dow’s accusations, Kentse told this publication that the BDP cannot respond because she has never complained to the party. “We have never received any complaints from Dow concerning the alleged harassment and intimidation,” he said.
“Dow knows the party procedures of raising concerns. Until she follows those procedures, we take these complaints in the recording as rumours.”

Although she promised to respond to Gazette enquiries, she had not done at the time of going to press last night.