BDPYL’s team-Mavange unfazed by accusations

Gazette Reporter

FRANCISTOWN: The campaign team of Simon Mavange, a Botswana Democratic Party Youth League (BDPYL) candidate said to be enjoying the preferential support of party Chairman and Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi- says it goes into the elective congress unfazed by accusations leveled against it.
Mavange’s team is expected to face an uphill battle at the Tsabong billed elective congress as disgruntlements against it have led to other campaign teams coalescing with Thabo Autlwetse team. The Botswana Gazette understands that in another strategy, a motion of no confidence will be raised against the outgoing committee in a bid to discredit and disqualify Mavange as “not fit to lead” since he is the outgoing Secretary General.
Mavenge’s campaign team Manager Jojo Lucas has called allegations and accusations against them “a witch-hunt” and says they are meant to decamping and unsettle their team.
Team Mavange’s Campaign Manager has bemoaned the allegations and accusations as witch-hunt that is only meant to de-campaign and unsettle his team. He expressed his disappointment with party colleagues who he said were running a dirty campaign in which they are unfairly targeted.
“Just like most of the democrats, our team has never met Masisi for possible support. Similarly, we have met the VP in party functions just like most of the democrats, so it is so disheartening to be associated with him. These democrats who are peddling lies about our team have to consider that they are sowing the seeds of hatred and disarray within the party,” Lucas complained.
He said their team was only hated and envied for being able to traverse and canvass all constituencies courting support unlike other teams that only based their campaigns on social media.
“Our team managed to travel across all constituencies four times and the reception was overwhelming. So, people should stop accusing us for enjoying Masisi’s support because our team is made up of mainly young business people, therefore we easily finance our campaign,” he said.
Outgoing youth league Chairperson has for his part warned candidates against using party leadership in their campaigns, saying the move can only cause unrest within the structure.
The elective congress takes place in Tsabong over the weekend.