BMD keen to reconcile with AP

  • “In politics never discount anything.” –Mangole
  • “It was only an invite”-AP SG


FRANCISTOWN: The embattled Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) says that though there is currently nothing on the table, they cannot rule out the possibility of working with their off-spring Alliance for Progressives (AP) considering the warm welcome they received recently during the latter’s manifesto launch.

Questions were raised over the appearance of BMD leadership at the recent AP manifesto launch. Since their split in 2017, the AP vowed never to work with BMD in the wake of their acrimonious and violent congress that led to the split and subsequent formation of the AP.

While the appearance was seen as hypocrisy by discontent AP members, BMD Secretary General Gilbert Mangole said that they appreciated the invitation because it signifies that the hatred that once existed between the two parties is slowly fading. Mangole said while nothing has never been raised concerning the relationship of the two parties, it would be a welcome development if the two parties reconciled and work together since they share similar ideologies. Mangole stated that, unlike other opposition parties, the AP was the only party that welcomed them to the event, a development that he said was commendable and shows tolerance.

“We appreciate the invitation by AP and we will be happy if we could reconcile and work together in future. No matter the battle we fought in politics never discount anything. I must admit that there was hatred between AP and BMD and this invitation signifies that there is room for reconciliation,” BMD Secretary General stated on the backdrop of the recent invitation by AP to their manifesto launch.

He further said, “If Botswana National Front (BNF) managed to reconcile and work with their erstwhile enemies Botswana Congress Party (BCP) that was formed after a bloody congress what will be difficult for BMD and AP to also reconcile? The BNF and BCP fight was one of bloodiest and worst ever but here they are, they reconciled and are working together.”

Reached for comment AP Secretary General Phenyo Butale said there is nothing to read about the appearance of BMD at their launch because they invited all opposition parties. “We invited all opposition parties and BMD honored our invitation,” he said in an interview.