BNF to boycott BOT50 celebrations

“Why should P100 million be spent on such activities which do not change conditions in which our people live ?” Mohwasa


Botswana National Front (BNF) Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa says the  party will not be taking part in the country’s silver jubilee independence celebrations on the 30th September 2016 and that to them the day will just be like any other day.
This, he said, was primarily because there was nothing for them to celebrate as the country finds itself besieged with several challenges like the education crisis and high unemployment rates among others.  “We will not be taking part in what we believe is robbing Batswana of the hard earned money which could be used in other deserving projects,” Mohwasa said at  a media brief on Monday.
“We celebrate because we have  made certain achievements, but we have not achieved anything. We  have instead  regressed  in some many respects and that is why we will be not  be  joining the celebrations,” he added, saying the BNF  maintains  the same position it held  in 1995  at the inception of Vision 2016 and recently Vision 2036 when they  refused to take part. “ The idea for the Visions are ok, the only problem is the vehicle, which is the Botswana Democratic Party. It cannot deliver on its promises,” he said. “ As long as the BDP is in power, nothing will change ad we will not have anything to celebrate,” he added.
Furthermore, Mohwasa said the P100 million budget for the celebrations was unjustifiable, coming from the same government which has in the past talked about belt tightening. “With this money, it’s clear that the government is selective in areas to tighten the belt on. Why should P100 million be spent on such activities which do not change conditions in which our people live. People are wallowing in poverty, they are looking for job opportunities and students have not been paid allowances, yet so much is spent on festivities?” the BNF Secretary General said, suggesting that the  money could have been used wisely  elsewhere. “Why should government use money to get people to come and dance before a crowd that is hungry? Is this necessary? ”
Mohwasa said it would have been wiser for President Ian Khama to address the nation  because of   the economic situation and the challenges faced by the country and the citizenry, there would be no  special  festivities to mark the 50th  independence celebrations  and that the  day will be celebrated like in the past.