BNF Trio Accuses Boko Of Being a Dictator

  • Says Boko unilaterally appointed five members to Central Committee
  • Accuses Sec Gen of promoting Boko’s interests to the detriment of the party
  • Says minutes are doctored, protests ignored and protesters demonised
  • Accuses party staff of intimidating people who hold anti-Boko views

A letter written by three stalwarts of the Botswana National Front (BNF), Central Committee members, Prince Dibeela who is also the vice president of the party, former Member of Parliament Shawn Ntlhaile and Peter Powell, to the party expresses serious concerns about the state of affairs in the BNF and accuses its president, Duma Boko and his the secretariat of intolerance.

Addressed to the Secretary General of the BNF, the trio says Boko unilaterally appointed five members to the Central Committee and further accuses the secretariat of a tendency of capturing only pro-Boko minutes during meetings.

“It has become clear that the minutes are not a true reflection of our meetings,” they wrote. “The minutes of the various meetings of the Central Committee are written in a way that is doctored to wean out certain issues.”

They cite (a) Mahalapye Central Committee meeting where they say members challenged Boko for unilaterally appointing two members to the Central Committee without consulting the Vice President and other members of the executive. The trio says altogether Boko has so far unilaterally appointed five people to the Central Committee of the BNF.

“We raised these issues and debated them for close to an hour but they are conveniently not reflected in the minutes,” the letter reads in part.

The three also accuse the secretariat of a tendency of ignoring anti-Boko protests and protests against his preferred candidates. To illustrate this they refer to women and youth league elections which they say were fraught with irregularities. They say a protest was lodged following the women’s league elections.

“But the General Secretary has, until recently, conveniently kept the letter of protest and the so-called wine rod the elections has been allowed to attend the Central Committee meetings, thus legitimising her incumbency,” they wrote. “The general norm is that when there is a protest, it gets attended to first before anyone is recognised as the winner,” further reads the letter which says this was because the winner campaigned as a ‘Boko person’.

The letter of protest, says the trio, was not even tabled before the appeals committees.
In other matters, the trio says the BNF congress elections need an impartial body because otherwise they won’t be free and fair for the reason that the party’s office staff openly participate in party forums where they bully members to support Boko and disparage anyone who supports different candidates.

“When we raise these issues with Duma Boko, he becomes argumentative and condescending in his defence of his operative,” reads the letter which also calls on the BNF to find an independent body to facilitate the congress.

Upon being contacted, BNF spokesman Moeti Mohwasa responded: “We don’t comment on internal correspondences. It would be wrong for the party to do so. We have always demurred the invitation to engage publicly in what are essentially internal matters. Whoever shared this with you is intent on destroying and not building the organisation. Leaking of internal discussions and party documents is unfortunate and a sign of indiscipline